World Medical Card is ISO 9001-certified


In order to increase the quality of all our processes, we have revised our quality system in accordance with ISO 9001, and we have been certified by DNV GL. We operate efficiently and safely, and avoid errors, while meeting our customers’ needs and developing the market.

Over many years, we have focused on customer needs, security and data integrity, and we have now revised the certification so that all interested stakeholders can be sure that we run the business smoothly and in accordance with the desired standards.


What does this mean for you as a user?

ISO_9001_2015_COLAs a user of our services, this proves that we focus on your safety and satisfaction. We will continue to develop our product in order to ensure you a safer day-to-day life, so that you have easy access to your medical information, but can ensure it is kept discreetly at all times, wherever you may be.


What does this mean for you as a corporate customer?

We actively work to provide safe workplaces across the world, and for you as a corporate customer this certificate underlines our efficiency, safety and quality. By using efficient processes, we can offer World Medical Card to everyone.


What does this mean for WMC Technologies AS?

Revising the ISO-9001 certification is very useful, no matter how good your quality system is. The standard and revision by an external auditor ensures that we think through everything that is important to our business.


ISO-9001 is particularly useful if you want to work on digitalisation in a serious and adaptable manner. The fact that all processes are continuously documented and regularly evaluated gives us a unique possibility to develop the processes as we wish. Our ISO-9001 certified quality system systemises WMC Technologies AS’s work on continuous improvements. This ensures that all processes are optimised through adaptability and digitalisation.




The following is a summary of our quality policy:


We, WMC Technologies AS, will consistently deliver and improve our solution for handling critical medical information, provide security & safety, and secure the correct treatment in time-critical medical situations for our customers, complying always with all regulatory and statutory requirements. 

Complying to our Quality Policy will improve efficiency and enhance long-term sustainability and profitability within the organisation. It is compulsory that all staff recognise and accept our philosophy of quality service deliver and accept accountability for their own output.To sustainably create value and to effectively and efficiently build trust, WMC:

  • Shall consistently satisfy the requirements of all customers
  • Shall comply fully with any applicable product standards, legislation and regulations.
  • Shall implement and operate effective management systems.
  • Shall seek opportunities to improve products, services and systems continually.

This Quality Policy statement will be reviewed annually. Responsibility for compliance to this policy rests with the top management, who will monitor the effectiveness of the policy and its associated initiatives.

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