WMC Technologies and Securitas annnounces a strategic partnership!

Securitas makes a strategic choice to foray into the healthcare industry through its safety consept Securitas Care, and shall collaborate with WMC Technolgoies AS.

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WMC Technologies AS is a Norwegian company who ensures that critical health information is always available in crucial situations through the product World Medical Card®. This is achieved by having with you the necessary information in a physical card and / or in the app along with integration to alarm centers.

Securitas is today the world’s largest in safety and security services. They have over 300,000 employees in 53 countries worldwide. The safety concept Securitas Care is a massive investment in healthcare and security services. Securitas will now use its professional competance/network in healthcare. To this effect, Securitas has selected three important partners, including the Norwegian company WMC Technologies AS.

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Having critical health information readily available is an important aspect of the Securitas Care solution.

World Medical Card offers through its product that correct health information be always & readily available in critical situations. The product consists of accurate and updated health information, ongoing medicine use, allergies, emergency contacts, etc., available quickly via a web page, a mobile app and a physical health card. Through the WMC, Securitas will ensure that the public always gets correct & relevant help.


Ronny Kausland | CEO

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