Kirsten Øverby

The Spanish doctor was impressed

Kirsten Øverby ,LHL member

“I have COPD and am dependent on daily medication, but that doesn’t stop me from being active and travelling! In the spring of 2012 I went on a pilgrimage tour of Santiago de Compostela in Spain. The tour was to include 8 days of following the pilgrimage on foot. By the end of the first day walking along uneven mountain paths, I had to visit the doctor due to acute tendonitis in my foot. The Spanish doctor was impressed when I took out my World Medical Card and he could see what medications I took. He logged on to my health profile online and double-checked the information. I quickly received the right antibiotic that wouldn’t interact with my medications. That was a huge relief for me. It’s important to have the World Medical Card with you to show which medications you use when you are abroad, and I recommend that all LHL members who travel order the card!”

In addition to the card that fits in your wallet, you’ll have 24/7 access to your own health profile on your computer and your mobile phone. With your mobile phone you can easily translate your medical information to 19 different languages.

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