Why should I have the World Medical Card?

The card gives health personnel access to your vital medical information (allergies, medications and illnesses) to ensure that you receive immediate and correct medical treatment. You should also register your next of kin. In addition you can include information such as: insurance details, medical history, and other important information which may be crucial to know in an emergency situation.

I am healthy, why should I order a World Medical Card?

Having your medical history available, even if you are healthy, allows treatment to begin faster. If you do not have any allergies or illnesses, you should register contact information of your nearest relatives or family physician. It is important to have this information available also for people in perfect health, not least in a situation where you are, for example, unconscious.

I do not/seldom travel. Do I still need the World Medical Card?

In the case of an emergency, whether at home or abroad, it’s important that things happen fast. An emergency room physician will not have access to your medical journal from your family physician and thus not know your medical history. The World Medical Card and APP provide them with your medical history quickly so that you receive the most correct treatment possible. Travel insurance provides only for the financial aspects to treatment.

What does the card look like?


Picture 1. The World Medical Card, external 


Picture 2. The World Medical Card, internal

Who enters my medical data in the card?

It is you, the member, who enters the information. If you are in doubt or cannot find your diagnosis or medication, you can print out the registration form and seek advice from your doctor. After your doctor has completed the form, you can send it to our customer service center. We will set up your profile and check it with our medical department before we send you the card.

As the cardholder it is your responsibility to ensure that your health profile is up-to-date and complete. Always check the letter accompanying the card to be sure that the content in the card is

Do I need a special reader to understand the content?

No special equipment is required. When the seal is broken, the information can be read as normal text (see picture 2)

Why do I need the card if I have the APP on my mobile phone or tablet?

Most people have locked their mobile with a code and is therefore not available if the person is unconscious. In natural disasters, internet and mobile network coverage are often not working. In these situations the card is invaluable as it does not require any technology to read and contains your vital health information. This aids health personnel to start the correct treatment right away and to contact your next of kin.

How is the data in the card presented? Will health personnel understand it?

The diagnoses and medications are printed in English and include the World Health Organization’s (WHO) standard codes: ICD-10 for diagnoses and ATC for medications. Allergies are also printed in English.

Health personnel anywhere in the world understand the WHO codes listed inside the card.

Will the medical staff find my World Medical Card?

In an emergency situation, the international instruction for medical personnel is to stabilize the patient’s health condition first, then try to establish their identity. We recommend that you always keep your World Medical Card together with your identification. In addition, WMC Technologies

What if rescue services ignore the card?

A responsible paramedic or doctor will consult this information even as they conduct their own investigation of the presenting medical symptoms. Both sources of information give an important supplement to emergency treatment, optimizing timely and safe medical treatment.

What happens if I lose my card?

You can order a new card online or contact WMC and we will order a new card for you. The new card will be sent within 2-3 weeks.

How long does it take to receive my World Medical Card?

When you have sent your order online, you receive immediate access to the APP on your mobile device. It takes two to three weeks to receive the card in the mail.

Is the card durable?

The card is robust. Unopened it is water resistant, dust-resistant and insensitive to magnetic influences.

What happens after I’ve used the card and the seal is broken?

You can order a new card at www.wmc-card.com. It is no problem to continue to use the same card, so long as there are no changes to the information inside. However, you should be aware that once the seal is broken the card is no longer water- or dust-resistant.

What is included in the APP?

The APP is a personal health profile with medical information that increases your chances of getting quick and accurate medical treatment in the case of an emergency. In the APP you can maintain and update your profile, translate it to 19 languages, add medical files to an archive or order a new card. The APP and the information contained in your profile are available on your PC, mobile phone or tablet. The information is used to produce the World Medical Card.

What information is in the APP that is not included in the card?

The information in your APP is more detailed than inside the card. In the card you find medical information, emergency contacts and other relevant data you have chosen to add in text form. Additional information in the APP can include more family contacts, medical history, and uploaded documents to “myFiles” such as x-rays, insurance certificates, vaccination card, passports and more. In addition the APP can translate to 19 languages. (link to list of all languages here)

Why do I need a card if I have the APP on my mobile telephone?

If you are unconscious, it will not help to have the APP on the phone. Most phones have a code to unlock it which hinders unauthorized access to the information therein. Here is where the physical card comes in. The rescue service will first stabilize the person and then determine their identity. Keeping the World Medical Card together with your identification cards means they will find the card

Does the APP work on all devices?

Yes, the APP works on iOS, Android and Windows devices and with all modern browsers.

Why is the APP useful?

The service is especially useful when travelling. It helps you to communicate with people who don’t speak the same language. You can present your health profile and emergency contacts to doctors, rescue workers or pharmacists in 19 languages. This will avoid misunderstandings about your medical condition. It can also be handy to have in restaurants to avoid any food that may accidentally trigger an allergic reaction. The APP currently offers the 19 most common languages and the unique WHO coding.

Is the information in the APP secure?

We use SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layer), delivered and certified by GlobalSign® to ensure that the information is sent between our server and your mobile device only and that transfer to other devices on the mobile network is not possible. Phones that do not support SSL will not be able to use the APP. Services with secure communication are marked with the letters “https” before the URL and the padlock symbol which is displayed on most mobile browsers. Access to your profile requires the correct user name and password. Some cell phone models have the browser in the background open when you click on different tasks. We recommend that you log out immediately after each session or close your browser. After a period of inactivity the APP will log you out automatically.

Is the information in the health profile APP the same as in my World Medical Card?

The information in the APP is more detailed than inside the card. Due to space limitations only the most vital medical information should be included in the card: allergies, medications, illnesses and next of kin. Additional information in the APP can include medical reports, blood type, prescriptions and more.

How can I enter illnesses or medications that do not appear in my drop-down menus?

If you cant find the illness or medication you are looking for in the search, you can add it to “Other information” and this information will be displayed in the card.

How can I get the World Medical Card if I don’t have internet access?

You can contact our customer service center by phone +47 55 33 75 75 or by e-mail support@wmc-card.com and we will send you a registration form for completion.  The form can also be downloaded here:  Add Link

Please note:  If you choose to send your registration form to WMC via e-mail, you acknowledge that there is a risk that the sensitive information contained in the mail is not 100% secure.  We recommend that registration forms be returned by post to ensure your privacy.

Where can I get help if I have a problem with registration?

You can chat with us here: (link to chat).  Contact our customer service center by e-mail at support@wmc-card.com or by phone and we will be happy to help you with registration.

Who is responsible for updating the information?

You are personally responsible for keeping the health profile up-to-date.  If there are changes to your health or just your address, simply log in to your online profile with your user name and password.  It is your responsibility to check the accuracy of the information for all updates.  You will automatically be reminded to update the information before the card expires.  The card will be sent by post within 2-3 weeks.

What happens if the data is not maintained?

You have access to your health profile at all times and can update the information when needed.  It is your responsibility to ensure that the information in your profile is up-to-date.  You will receive several reminders from us regarding profile updates in good time before renewal.  If no changes are made we will send a new card with the information contained in your health profile at the time of renewal.

What happens if I make false statements?

As the cardholder you are primarily responsible for ensuring that the data is accurate and complete.  Always check that the information you receive with the card is correct.   Incorrect or incomplete information could be life-threatening in an emergency.  Physicians around the world certainly do not rely solely on the information in your World Medical Card, but they get valuable information that could save your life.

Can I update my health profile on my mobile device?

Yes.  Go to www.wmc-card.com and log in with your user name and password.

How do I update the card if I do not have computer or internet access?

Contact our customer service center at support@wmc.card.com or by telephone at +47 55 33 75 75.

Or you can download the registration form here:  (add downloadable registration form here)

Can I print out information from my profile to consult with my physician?

Yes, you can print out your profile or take your current card to your physician in order to consult on updates.  You can update your profile on your mobile phone while still in your doctor’s office or you can do so after your visit by logging in to your profile.  We will send you a new card within 2-3 weeks.

Where can I get help updating my information?

If you need help updating your profile, contact our customer service center by phone, on-line chat, or by e-mail at support@wmc-card.com, and we will be happy to help you. The customer service center is available Monday-Friday between 8:30 AM and 3:30 PM, GMT+1.

How do I store the documents in My files?

First scan the appropriate document and save it as a PDF, for example, on your desktop. You can then upload the document into your my files safe.  Each file can be a maximum of 2 MB, this is approximately 63 pages in a Word document or 15 pages of images.  You can choose to give health personnel read-only access to your saved files by ticking the checkbox when you upload files

I have added additional information to my health profile. How can health personnel gain access to that information in an emergency?

Health personnel can open the World Medical Card and use the code listed inside to gain ready-only access to your profile.  The information is stored in a highly secured data center in Norway.  WMC uses the highest possible security standard when it comes to access and control of your data.

What type of information is useful to store in My Files?

It is possible to store a variety of different documents in My files including:

-vaccination records


-hospital journals

-copy of passports

-driver’s license

-travel documents

How much does World Medical Card cost?

You pay an annual fee for membership in World Medical Card.  See the current pricelist at www.wmc-card.com/prices.

How do I renew my membership?

Your subscription to membership in World Medical Card will renew automatically until it is cancelled.  You will receive several reminders about updating your profile in good time before it is time to renew the card.

How do I cancel my membership?

The account can be cancelled at any time from the My Account page.  All the information contained in the member profile will be permanently deleted. (link to My Account)

Or you can contact our customer service center at support@wmc-card.com.

Is the APP secure?

Access to your profile requires the correct user name and password.  We use SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layer) delivered and certified by Globalsign® to ensure that the information is sent between our server and your mobile device only and that transfer to other devices on the mobile network is not possible.  Devices that do not support SSL will not be able to use the APP.  Services with secure communications are marked with the letters “https” before the URL and the padlock symbol which is displayed on most internet browsers.  We recommend that you log out immediately after each session and close your browser.  The system automatically logs off after a brief period of inactivity.

Who can access the data?

This is your health profile and you choose who to share it with.  If you lose your card, it can be opened and read if found.  With the APP, only the person with the user name and password can gain access.  World Medical Card never provides any information to third parties, including employers or insurance companies.

How safe is my data?

Privacy is extremely important to us.  We use dedicated servers that are kept in closed and secure areas.  The world’s leading encryption method (SSL) is used when we make your data visible to a pc or mobile device.  The information is not stored on a website, but sent securely to your browser after correctly logging in.

How can the medical personnel read the information?

The information is available to medical staff immediately upon opening the sealed card.  Your medical information is coded and printed in the card.  By using the emergency access code, doctors can gain access to a read-only version of your complete profile online, including medical records stored in My files.  A QR code inside the card can also be scanned by a mobile device to go straight to the emergency log-in page.

I forgot my password, what do I do?

You can go to www.wmc-card.com/login.  Enter your email address, click “send me a new password”, and you will receive an e-mail to reset your password.

What happens if I lose my card?

If you lose the card there is a risk that an unauthorized person can open and read the information in the card, but the person cannot use the information.  The APP is user name and password protected.  A new card can be ordered via “myPages” or by contacting our customer service center.

How much does the card cost and what forms of payment are accepted?

You pay an annual fee for membership in World Medical Card.  We accept Visa and MasterCard as forms of payment via Paymill or Klarna.

In countries served by Klarna, it is possible to choose to be invoiced.  All invoices will include a fee for this service.  See the current price list here:  www.wmc-card.com/prices

I am a member of an organization/company that receives World Medical Card under special conditions. How do I use this benefit?

You will receive a code from the organization/company in order to receive the World Medical Card according to the contract conditions.  Enter the code in the appropriate field when you register online.  If you have questions, please contact our customer service center.  (link to customer service)

Can I receive an invoice?

Our payment agreement with Klarna in selected countries allows members to choose to receive an invoice rather than pay with credit card.  Please note that an invoice fee will apply.

What is the source of the diagnoses and medication codes used to describe diagnoses and medications in the World Medical Card?

We use the World Health Organization’s latest version of the (International Classification of Diseases), ICD-10 to code illnesses.  For coding of medications we use official medication lists updated by the official health authority in the countries we operate in.  Medication lists are commonly based on standards developed by WHO: ATC (Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification).

What is the source of the allergy list used in the World Medical Card?

The allergy list is the result of a unique cooperation between top allergists in Norway and Sweden together with comparisons to reference databases from large laboratories worldwide that analyze allergy blood samples.  Allergy lists are available in 19 languages.

Why aren’t all allergies coded?

At the current time there is no international classification system for allergies.  Please note that our allergy database is especially complete, developed exclusively for our use and that it is available in 19 languages.

How often is the medical information updated in the World Medical Card system?

All of our medical databases are updated annually, but in cases where new medications are available then these are updated continuously.  All of our medical databases are approved by our Medical Advisory Board.

Will medical personnel outside my home country understand my health profile?

Information in the World Medical Card uses the international coding system of the World Health Organization (WHO):  ICD-10 for diagnoses and ATC for medications.  Healthcare professionals around the world understand this information.  With the APP you can translate your profile into 19 languages while the codes remain the same.

How can the emergency staff read the information?

The card easily opens when the seal is ripped on the side of the card.  Your medical data is coded and printed inside the card.  By using the emergency access code, medical personnel can gain access to a read-only version of your complete profile online, including medical records stored in My files.  A QR code inside the card can also be scanned by a mobile device to go straight to the emergency log-in page.

Why can’t I indicate dosages for my medications? And why do some medications include dosages in the name?

WMC Technologies collects official medication lists from the health authorities of various countries, and these are constructed in different ways. Some drug companies include the dosage in
the medicine’s name while others do not. We are working on a format which will allow one to enter dosages, and this will be ready later this year. Please note that in an emergency situation, it’s important to know which medications you use and the active ingredient in these, and this information is available in the system now.

Who is behind WMC Technologies AS?

WMC Technologies AS is an international company.  The headquarters of the holding company are in Geneva, Switzerland.  The corporate headquarters are located in Bergen, Norway.  The Chairman of the Board is Prof. Dr. Michael Nobel, Ph.D. (link to chairman of the board WMC Holding)

Is the World Medical Card a type of insurance?

World Medical Card is not an insurance in itself.  World Medical Card is a medical information system that conveys your medical history to health personnel worldwide so that you receive fast and accurate treatment.

World Medical Card includes your health profile online, a mobile based application and a card that fits in your wallet.  World Medical Card collects your vital personal and medical information, including insurance information, in one place.