Stay healthy while on holiday

Summer is finally here (in the Northern hemisphere at least) and people will go far and near to relax or experience a new adventure. If you are away from home, at least if you are visiting a foreign country it can be a smart thing to take some precautions, because you never know what is gonna happen. WMC have collected some tips  to help you in your holiday planning. Lists like these will never be complete, but hopefully you will find it helpful.

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1.) Travel insurance: Goes without saying. If you book your holiday with a credit card you might be insured but remember to check what the insurance actually cover. This can be the best investment you ever make.

2.) Vaccines: Another thing worth looking into. Do you need any vaccines for where you are going? And if so, how far in advance should you take them? One of few diseases you can take pills as a prophylaxis is Malaria, and if you are going to an area with Malaria, you might want to get the medication in your own country, and perhaps also try a pill or two in advance to see if you experience any side effects.

3.) Medication: If you use any medicines you might want to get a paper from your doctor explaining what they are and why you take them. Further you should never pack them in your check in luggage and ideally you would give one half to one of your travel companions to be on the safe side. Say if you have diabetes and need insuline every day. If somehow your hand luggage gets stolen and you had all your insuline there you have a situation.

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4.) Travel kit: You can buy most of what you need where you go, but it is very practical to have some basics at hand when you need them; band aids, some topical antiseptic ointment, loperamide/imodium for the stomach, paracetamole etc. Go to your local pharmacy and they will probably have some good ideas.

5.) Point it book: If you go somewhere and don`t know the language a point it book with pictures is brilliant, for instance if you are ordering food in a restaurant.

6.) Updated travel info: There is almost something magical about having an well-used travel guide while traveling, however with the availability of travel blogs, and open source guides like Wikitravel, you can stay up to date on everything from hot restaurants and bars to potential travel hazards.

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7.) WMC: Last but not least (of course), having your medical information readily available while it being securely stored

is an advantage. You never know whats gonna happen. WMC can provide that extra security, and even if you need some treatment abroad you can store that in Myfiles to make it easy for your doctor back home to update herself.

Wherever you are going and whatever you do, stay safe and enjoy. From all of us at WMC.