WMC Technologies AS – Norway

WMC Technologies AS has developed a secure on-line service where individuals can store personal medical information and related types of data.  Anybody who chooses to subscribe to this service will receive a printed card (the World Medical Card) which should be stored in the wallet.  In addition, they will receive a link to their own secure health profile on-line.  It is entirely up to each individual who they wish to share this information with. WMC Technologies do not share individual’s health profiles with anyone.

Personal data protection

Almost all countries have developed laws to provide for individual citizens to have a say in how their personal data is stored and used. This includes, but is not limited to, name, address, phone numbers, e-mail, car license number, pictures and date of birth.

Sensitive personal data

All information about your health, which you store with WMC Technologies are examples of sensitive personal data.  The Norwegian authorities require that we treat this information with the utmost sensitivity and that we take every step necessary to protect this from unauthorised access.  Therefore, at WMC Technologies AS only authorised personnel have access to this data.


All WMC staff must sign a formal statement wherein they promise that they will keep all personal data and restricted business information secret and confirm that they will never divulge any detail to any unauthorised party.

Applicable laws and regulations for WMC Technologies AS

In Norway any business which conducts business activities that are covered by the «Personopplysningsloven» (Law dealing with personal data) must comply with the letter and intent of the law, which WMC naturally does.

Law relating to the handling of personal data «LOV-2013-01-11-13»


The purpose of this law is to protect the individual against unlawful use of their personal data.

This law is meant to ensure that handling of personal data complies which basic data protection requirements, including personal integrity, respect for individual privacy and the need for all stored data to have a specific quality, i.e. to be accurate and reliable.

For WMC Technologies, chapters I, II and III are most applicable.

Furthermore, our company must comply with the regulations as defined in ”Personopplysningsforskriften”, which is a regulation specifying how to deal with personal data.

Regulation dealing with the handling of personal data

This regulation contains two chapters, which regulate and stipulate how WMC Technologies must treat personal data: Chapter 2. “Information security” and Chapter 3. «Internal Control».

Use of cookies

What are cookies and how are these used?

Many people are concerned about how the use of ‘cookies’ on the net may affect their personal data protection. Cookies are small files, which store information about which web sites you have visited. WMC Technologies uses cookies to track and store your journey when using our web pages, which should allow us to refine the service we provide and make your next visit more relevant and efficient.

If you prefer your visit not to be recorded by cookies you can choose not to use these under “Internet options” in your browser.

What type of information is stored?

The data collected and stored when cookies are accepted are: IP address, browser, operating system, which Internet Service Provider (ISP) you used and identification of which web pages you visited and when.  WMC Technologies will never record and store data which identifies the individual user.

How to avoid cookies

If you prefer that cookies are not used you can choose a setting in your browser that turns off automatic acceptance of cookies.  Refer to the help function from your browser supplier for how to change the setting.  Please note that if you chose not to accept cookies several functions on the WMC Technologies website will not be available. WMC Technologies will never share your information with any third party.

E-mails from WMC Technologies

On occasion, we will send you information regarding your membership via e-mail.  This could, for example, be a reminder to check that your health profile is up-to-date or that your membership has expired.

Additionally, we will sometimes send you an electronic newsletter.  You can choose not to receive these updates by selecting “cancel newsletter” at the bottom of each message.

Please note

  1. These guidelines for personal data protection only apply to WMC Technologies web pages.  However, our web pages contain links to other web pages, which may be subject to other guidelines.
  2. If you log in to our web pages from outside Norway, please note that any data and information you provide is stored in Norway, where our servers are located in a very secure environment.
  3. WMC Technologies staff update these guidelines as needed or required by the authorities. We therefore recommended that you check these pages on a regular basis.