World Medical Card® on mobile

The World Medical Card® is a personal emergency health information card, which can save lives. Along with the physical card and a secure web based personal health profile you receive a multi-language app. The web page works equally good on computers and mobiles. The World Medical Card® App provides access to your own profile where you can register any relevant medical information, thereby increasing the possibility of receiving immediate and correct treatment in an emergency.

The App is particularly useful when travelling as it also helps you communicate with people who do not speak the same language as you. It allows you to translate your medical and contact details into any of 19 different languages, thereby allowing you to communicate with local health professionals. This way you can avoid misunderstandings while being able to receive the correct treatment quickly. If you suffer from allergies you can use the mobile solution while dining out, to make sure you do not eat anything to which you may have an allergic reaction.

The information in the app can provide more details than what is on the card. If the cardholder has chosen to do so, the mobile solution can have additional contact people, medical history, uploaded documents like travel docs. X-rays, vaccination records, copy of your passport and more. By using the app, you can update your profile, translate medical phrases to various languages, add medical documents or order a new card.

The nine-teen different Languages in the mobile solution are:

United Arabic Emirates - flag - icon, small ArabicSerbia - flag - icon, small SerbianChina - flag - icon, small ChineseFinland - flag - icon, small Finnish
Denmark - flag - icon, small Danishcroatia_small CroatianItaly - flag - icon, small ItalianGermany - flag - icon, small German
Turkey - flag - icon, small TurkishNorway - flag - icon, small NorwegianBosnia - flag - icon, small BosnianThailand - flag - icon, small Thai
Portugal - flag - icon, small PortugeseFrance - flag - icon, small FrenchSweden - flag - icon, small SwedishJapan - flag - icon, small Japanese
United Kingdom - flag - icon, small EnglishSpain - flag - icon, small SpanishRussia - flag - icon, small Russian

How can I access my health profile on my mobile phone?

Go to or download the World Medical Card® App from Apple Store or Google Play, and log-on using your user name and password. If you have forgotten your password, you will be provided with a link which helps you reset it.

Additional questions regarding World Medical Card® and your mobile phone? See the FAQ section here