Fast and correct treatment

Your personal health profile – available on cards and mobile.

With World Medical Card you collect

  • Relevant and critical medical information, coded* so that you are understood by health personnel worldwide.
  • Contact information to your next of kin.
  • Insurance information.
  • Donor information.
  • Available in a card and on mobile devices.

*you will be provided with an online searchable database to find the correct codes for your medical information

 “The Spanish doctor was impressed when I showed my World Medical Card”
Kristen ØverbyWorld Medical Card®-customer

“I travel often and long. I don’t go anywhere without my card in my wallet. In this way, I feel confident that I will receive the quick and correct treatment in the event of an accident. ”

Jan Ramstad
Jan RamstadWorld Medical Card®-customer

“Knowing the symptoms and eventually being diagnosed was daunting. Now my focus is simple, I take the necessary considerations without affecting my life more than necessary. ”

Helge Blikberg
Helge BlikbergWorld Medical Card®-customer

Share your profile with family, friends and travel companions so that they have your health information available in case of an emergency.

Translate your allergies into 19 different languages.

Your medications and diagnoses are understandable and easy to communicate around the world.