World Medical Card is your user-controlled medical record – digital

World Medical Card - Monthly only $1.99

World Medical Card – Monthly only $1.99

Always available via app, PC or physical card.
Here you can upload your personal medical information, coded so that you are understood by healthcare professionals – anywhere in the world, around the clock.


You choose what you want to enter, for example information about:

  • Covid vaccine documentation
  • Important allergies
  • Important medications you must have
  • Contact information for relatives
  • Emergency button for relatives
  • Insurance information
  • Travel insurance
  • Donor information
  • Strength of lenses / glasses
  • Other important papers

Individual Basic

Smart, easy, safe, secure

$1.99/Month cost incl tax

Individual year

Smart, easy, safe, secure

$19.99/year cost incl tax

Family 1 year

Smart, easy, safe, secure

Up to 5 members $ 69.99 Yearly cost

Always available on mobile, web and physical card

WHO-coding of diagnosis (ICD- 10) and medicines (ATC)

Translation of profile available in 19 languages

World Medical Card, digital medisinsk journal, medisinsk appTAKE CARE OF YOUR NEAREST AND DEAREST
Should dementia occur in the immediate family, this is an easy way to support and help the family member. With the World Medical Card you can help your elderly parents or others in the family who should have challenges and lose track of their medication. If they have shared the card / app with you, you can easily explain to the pharmacy, doctors or others both at home and abroad, what it is they need.

World Medical Card, digital medisinsk journal, medisinsk app

Wouldn’t it be smart to be able to gather all important health information in one place, coded so that health professionals all over the world understand?


World Medical Card, digital medisinsk journal, medisinsk appWHEN THE WORLD IS OPEN AGAIN
Then it is a good idea to have downloaded the World Medical Card app, so that you can enter allergies, pains, medications and diagnoses that are important for you and others to know on a holiday abroad.
The World Medical Card is currently available in 27 countries and is translated into 19 languages, and is of great help if a problem should arise.

World Medical Card, digital medisinsk journal, medisinsk appALLERGIC TO PEPPER?
Do you really know what it’s called in other languages? And can you explain that it can actually be fatal for you to get this in your food? Then it is easier to enter this in your World Medical Card app – where it is translated into a multitude of languages, and show it to waiters and others.
Feel free to share the app with your travel companion as well, so they can help you if a situation arises.

World Medical Card, digital medisinsk journal, medisinsk appTHE WASPS AND HORNETS WAKE UP SOON
Are you allergic?
Then it is wise to have entered this in your World Medical Card, so that others can help you if you should be stung.
Read Pers story

This is how World Medical Card works

World Medical Card is a personal emergency health card.

Should you require medical attention, no matter where you are in the world, health personnel can open your sealed emergency card and check your health profile. The card increases the chance that you will receive fast and accurate medical attention.

The card may contain information about:

  • Allergies
  • Medications
  • Medical conditions
  • Emergency contacts
  • Your insurance information
  • Your organ donation status

Medical conditions and medications are listed in the card and are coded with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) international classification system, this way you are understood by health personnel all over the world.

World Medical Card is designed to have high visibility. We recommend that you keep the emergency card in your wallet at all times.

About World Medical Card®


World Medical Card® gives you a safer everyday life. You will always have your personal health information available. The information that you think is important, you enter in the app / browser. This is coded and translated into local language so that healthcare professionals and pharmacies everywhere can understand.
In the app, you can store and update your health information and share your profile with family, friends and travel companions so that they can present this to health professionals should an emergency arise. You can also upload medical documents, such as vaccination certificates and donor cards, add contact information and emergency buttons to relatives.
Your allergies are also translated into 19 languages. The allergy lists have been developed in collaboration with leading Swedish and Norwegian allergists. We are proud to be able to offer our members a completely unique allergy list.

You can enter other important information for you, such as lens type and strength, travel insurance certificate, photos of non-prescription medicines – so that you can buy the same abroad and anything else you think is important to you. In addition, you will receive a physical card that you can take with you.
Register the name of your insurance company and the police number on «My page», and this information will be printed on the outside of the card. The World Medical Card will then function as a combined health and insurance card and provide maximum travel security.
We recommend that you always keep your World Medical Card with your ID. The card is easily opened by tearing open the seal on the side of the card.

World Medical Card - Monthly only $1.99

World Medical Card – Monthly only $1.99

Inside the World Medical Card there is a unique password for emergency access to your profile. By using this, healthcare professionals can gain read access to a read-only version of your online health profile. If you have entered additional information in «My documents» such as vaccination cards, X-rays or hospital records, health professionals will be able to read the documents here. The card has a separate field for contact information for your relatives.

The World Medical Card on your mobile phone is extremely useful when you are traveling. It helps you to communicate well with people who do not speak the same language as you. In 19 languages, you can communicate your health profile and information about your relatives to health professionals. This way you will be able to avoid misunderstandings about your health and achieve fast and correct medical treatment. If you are allergic, it can be useful to use the mobile solution when you are at a restaurant, to avoid eating something you cannot tolerate.

The data you enter is stored safely and securely, which you can read more about in the Security and Privacy Regulation (GDPR).

The product includes

  • Your health profile on your mobile.
  • Update your online profile any time you want.
  • The possibility to share your health profile online with health personnel.
  • If you have any allergies, they can be translated into 19 different languages