In an emergency situation

Health personnel often spend a lot of time trying to identify a patient’s medical history and journals. In a medical emergency time is always a critical factor. How much easier would it be for medical personnel if a patient could provide all relevant information when needed?

The World Medical Card® allows a patient to present all information about his or her situation, which would be relevant for medical personnel, like allergies, prescription drugs, illness and contact information to next of kin.

World Medical Card® uses the World Health Organisation (WHO) codes, ICD-10 (for diagnosis) and ATC (for medications) and provides translation of allergies into 19 different languages. This assists you in treating patients in an expedient, safe and efficient way.

How long does it take to get hold of a patient’s medical data?

Currently, one of our doctors is conducting a study to identify how long it takes medical personnel to retrieve relevant medical data for elderly patients.

However, one preliminary finding is that many elderly patients gets treated without access to any medical history whatsoever, which is quite serious when considering patient safety issues.