World Medical Card is ISO 9001-certified

  In order to increase the quality of all our processes, we have revised our quality system in accordance with ISO 9001, and we have been certified by DNV GL. We operate efficiently and safely, and avoid errors, while meeting our customers’ needs and developing the market. Read More
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Aon and WMC Technologies to cooperate

23 October 2019/NewsWMC in mediaWorld Medical Card /by Ronny Kausland, CEO  OSLO (23 October 2019) – Aon Norway, the leading insurance broker and risk advisor, has entered into a commercial collaboration with WMC Technologies AS to strengthen its portfolio of risk-reduction products and services for corporate customers. Read More
Political quistion about the prevetinve paradox

The preventive paradox

Should we sacrifice individual freedom for the benefit of the population health? Or should we simply help those who really need it? These are questions that health authorities in all countries struggle with. Frequently, these questions are treated exclusively as political and ideological questions of individual freedom, or paternalism. Read More
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Vicious circles of insomnia, depression and chronic pain

Insomnia, chronic pain and depression are common disorders and a lot of people are likely to experience one or more of these during their lifetime. In this article, I will explain why these three disorders tend to occur within the same people, and how having one of them may lead to an increased risk of getting one or both of the other disorders. Finally, I will discuss why this is important to be aware of.    Read More

Vaccine – a major success

Vaccination is regarded as one of the biggest successes in modern medicine. Using just simple means, it is possible to prevent a number of life-threatening and disabling diseases. Read More
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When the fun stops, adolescents drop out of organized sports

All parents want their children to live long and healthy lives, and for many, this leads them to encourage their children to participate in organized sports activities. Read More
Brain stroke : 3d illustration of the vessels of the brain and causes of stroke

Stroke – every minute counts!

The global burden of disease is in constant flux. Just a few years ago, infectious diseases accounted for the majority of deaths globally but this trend has been reversed in recent years, with most deaths now being caused by non-infectious diseases. Much of the blame is assigned to lifestyle changes and the growing number of smokers. Something the two diseases that claim the most lives each year worldwide – heart disease and stroke – have in common is that they primarily affect the blood vessels in the body. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at stroke. Read More

WMC Technologies and Securitas annnounces a strategic partnership!

Securitas makes a strategic choice to foray into the healthcare industry through its safety consept Securitas Care, and shall collaborate with WMC Technolgoies AS. Read More