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23 October 2019/NewsWMC in mediaWorld Medical Card /by Ronny Kausland, CEO

 OSLO (23 October 2019) – Aon Norway, the leading insurance broker and risk advisor, has entered into a commercial collaboration with WMC Technologies AS to strengthen its portfolio of risk-reduction products and services for corporate customers.

Pressemelding bildeAon will be able to provide the World Medical Card® to its customers as part of this collaboration. World Medical Cards are offered via a platform where employees can gather their critical medical information in one place. In the event of an emergency, the information will be available to ensure correct treatment without unnecessary delays.


‘This is an important HSE measure that could reduce risk for enterprises and guarantee employees swift and correct treatment in the event of illness,’ says Anette Brown, Practice Director Employee and Global Benefits. ‘WMC creates a sense of security for the employee, and it helps to maintain the enterprise’s productivity. We are very pleased to be able to provide this innovative service as an exclusive offer to our customers as part of our focus on reducing health-related risk.’


CEO Ronny Kausland of WMC Technologies says ‘we are proud to be able to cooperate with Aon and offer their customers effective and cost-cutting measures that will also support enterprises’ most important resource – their employees. When we combine the size and expertise of Aon with our technology and solutions, the result is a win-win situation that benefits everyone.’



About WMC Technologies AS


WMC Technologies AS is a Norwegian company that offers a patient record solution that contains critical health information in an app and a physical card. The purpose of the World Medical Card® is to make important information available when it is most needed, eliminate language barriers and reduce the risk of incorrect treatment.


About Aon
Aon plc is world-leading in the field of risk management, insurance brokering, reinsurance brokering, retirement advise, HR and outsourcing. The company has been named the world’s foremost insurance broker several times. Aon is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and has more than 50,000 employees in more than 120 countries. In Norway, the company is represented by Aon Norway AS, which is Norway’s largest insurance brokerage firm and has 140 employees and offices in Oslo, Bergen, Ålesund and Trondheim. Aon Norway AS represents a considerable proportion of Norwegian business and industry and organisations in relation to insurance companies, and has many important clients in the public sector.
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Anette Brown

Practice Director Employee and Global Benefits

Aon Norway AS

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Ronny Kausland


WMC Technologies AS
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