The Medical Advisory Board is the company’s top medical advisory body. Four competent physicians serve on the board that meets regularly. The most important task incumbent upon the MAB is to ensure that we have a product that conforms at all times to the national and international standards required. The MAB advises the management group in regards to development of services related to the medical aspect of our service and reports to the board of the directors.

Tobias Lindner

Tobias Lindner, MD, Charitè University Hospital, Campus Virchow, Berlin, Germany. Board certified General Surgeon and Trauma & Orthopedic Surgeon, Quality Management. Co- Head of Emergency Department with more than a decade of daily experience in clinical emergency medicine and the interface solutions between the emergency room and hospital admittance.

“A World Medical Card stores patient-centred medical and paramedical information for emergencies but also for routine medical treatment. Although it is internationally deployable, its usefulness most likely starts in the hospital around the corner when especially older people neither are able to recall their past medical history, allergies or recent medication nor can name relatives or a doctor we could get in contact with.   

A World Medical Card helps to ensure safe and fast treatment for the patient; it can reduce costs for society and makes my life as an emergency doctor easier”  

-Tobias Lindner, MD, member of MAB

Ole Petter Drønen

Extensive experience as medical doctor within several fields: as a GP, hospital doctor and occupational medicine in Norway and abroad. He has worked in emergency medicine and more than 10 years in his own clinic in the Canary Islands, mainly treating elderly patients that are travelling.

“With more than 10 years’ experience working as a doctor in sunny Gran Canaria, I have met a lot of patients that are elderly people and far away from home. They usually feel very uncertain and insecure about their own medical history. This lack of vital information leads to prolonged time to decide what treatment is right and secure, increases the patients’ worries and the overall costs of treatment.
Hence, the best advice I can give is this: If you get sick when travelling, it’s essential for the doctor who is going to treat you, that he get as accurate and updated information about your health and medication as possible. The World Medical Card provides you with just that.” 

– Ole Petter Drønen, MD, Chairman of the Medical Advisory Board

Jo Inge Myhre

Jo Inge has a degree in medicine and has patient safety and quality improvement as special interests. He has a large international network within these fields and is the European Coordinator for the educational initiative in the Institute of Healthcare Improvement’s Open School for Health Professions.

“Having your personal medical data readily available in your wallet and on your phone will provide security for an individual as well as for healthcare professional seeing that individual in an emergency. Healthcare systems all over the world are fragmented, and there is a need for patients themselves to have ownership and an overview of their condition(s) and medication(s). World Medical Card is the solution for this.»

– Jo Inge Myhre, MD, member of MAB

Kjell Vaage

Kjell Vaage is the medical founder and has been with World Medical Card® since the start. Previously he was the owner of a private medical practice that was the foundation of today’s Aleris private hospitals. General Practitioner from 2001-2013. He is currently employed with Egmont publishing as a doctor with doktoronline and Norsk Ukeblad. In addition, Dr. Vaage works as a physician in Synergi and Helsetelefonen, and has spent the last 5 years practicing acute medicine in Gran Canaria in wintertime.

“As a doctor in a Norwegian medical practice in Grand Canaries I meet patients almost daily who have either forgotten the name of their medical drugs or mixed up the names. Such misunderstandings can turn lifesaving treatment into life threatening treatment. World Medical Card is truly lifesaving.”

– Kjell Vaage, MD, Member of the Medical Advisory Board

Ole Melkevik

PhD psychology with broad thematic interests. Currently working as chief consultant in Frederiksberg municipality (DK) with a wide range of responsibilities regarding the collection and analysis of health data, collaborating with external research projects, health prevention and promotion policy, and the introduction of a business intelligence system for the analysis of municipal health services.

«I am a consultant for Melkevik Consulting IVS providing advice, lectures, courses and written content on a wide range of topics including health prevention and promotion, lifestyle and overweight among children and adults, mental health and high school drop out, work stress, motivational psychology, and statistical analyses..»

-Ole Melkevik, PhD Psychology, member of the Medical Advisory Board