While in his 70s and vacationing in Spain, the father of the founder of World Medical Card® ran out of his heart medicine, Marevan. It was not possible to find this medication in Spain as it did not exist under that name, and consequently he found himself without his vital medication.

This personal experience prompted Mr. Veidung to find a solution for this common problem. He assembled an excellent team of experienced doctors and people from the University of Bergen to develop a personal medical emergency card: the World Medical Card®.

The World Medical Card® enables individuals to always carry vital medical information with them and make themselves understood by doctors all over the world. This service is also available on your mobile phone.

A common challenge in medical practice

The lack of relevant information about a patient is one of the factors that cause delays and maltreatment on a daily basis. Medical maltreatment in general poses a serious and complex problem all over the world, and the costs are enormous. Read more about the cost of medical malpractice here: Forbes: The True Cost of Medical Malpractice – It May Surprise You

What we do

“We help people obtain safe and efficient medical treatment by providing them with the World Medical Card containing an international code system that doctors all over the world are familiar with, which also helps the doctors.”

-Prof. Michael Nobel, Ph.D, Chairman of the board.