In Emergency Rooms all over the world, doctors face patients in urgent need of medical treatment. A factor that adds to this already demanding situation is the absence of relevant information concerning the patient’s medical history. Lack of information may jeopardize patient safety and it presents the doctors with a difficult dilemma:
If a patient`s symptoms are treated prematurely there is a risk of worsening the patient’s condition due to medical interactions or allergies unknown to the doctor.

On the other hand, if treatment is delayed to  obtain information concerning factors such as allergies, medications and diagnoses, there is a risk of the patient getting worse while waiting.

«Our mission is to provide life-saving information so that people feel safe.»

CEO, Ronny Kausland

Our value proposition is to minimize suffering and save lives through providing the patient with a personal emergency medical information system that works 24/7 – everywhere.

Our customers tell us that this is the most important card in their wallet.

«I travel often and for extended periods, but NEVER without the World Medical Card, which I keep in my wallet. This makes me feel confident that I will receive fast and accurate treatment should I find myself needing medical help or emergency treatment» Read more

Jan Ramstad, LHL member

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