sick woman with heart attack, pain, health problem holding touching her chest colored in red with hands isolated on gray wall background. Human face expression

Chest pains – Angina pectoris

We should certainly be grateful that some of our health complaints can be linked to lifestyle instead of just being down to chance. Read More
sportsman massaging his injured ankle after a sport accident

Let`s twist again…

Injuries of the ankle can happen to us on many occasions: while we are doing sports (landing on the foot of another player after jumping !), walking on uneven ground, hurrying down stairs or are on high heels. Read More
Unhappy young woman sitting on the mat, grabbing an ankle, unable to start yoga work out because of sport injury, feeling pain. Beginner doing wrong exercise without coacher

Musculoskeletal injuries

To avoid swelling, pain and a prolonged recovery, the first moments after an injury are of utmost importance. This is true when twisting you ankle or being hit by something. It does not matter, if in the end it is a contusion, strain, sprain or even a fracture or dislocation. Read More
nurse with syringe is taking blood for test at the doctor?s office

Slow metabolism, a widely-discussed condition

This is a condition that produces a wide range of symptoms and which is blamed for a lot of things. It is a widely-discussed condition, and I hope to throw some light on it here. Read More
Closeup of a woman covering ears while man snoring in bed at home

Do you or your partner snore?

Snoring is something that most people experience at some time in their lives. It is most common in men, though a lot of women also snore. Read More
Dermatologist examining mole with magnifying glass in clinic

Mole cancer – malignant melanoma

As the name suggests, this is a malignant condition feared by everyone, not least all of us who enjoy the many important benefits the sun provides. Read More
Close-up Of Woman Suffering From Stomach Ache

Health tips on constipation

It’s no exaggeration to say that the bowel is our most pampered and stubborn organ. The bowel is always happiest at home, close to its own toilet. Read More
Health problem. asian young girl scratching her itchy back

First Aid – Burns

Wintertime is candle and hot drinks time, and especially our curious children are in danger to burn their fingers or worse. Luckily, most of the burns and scaldings sustained in daily life are of low degree (grade I and II = redness and blister). However, it is worth it to bring the most important facts of first aid in those cases to mind. Read More
Brain stroke : 3d illustration of the vessels of the brain and causes of stroke

Stroke – every minute counts!

The global burden of disease is in constant flux. Just a few years ago, infectious diseases accounted for the majority of deaths globally but this trend has been reversed in recent years, with most deaths now being caused by non-infectious diseases. Much of the blame is assigned to lifestyle changes and the growing number of smokers. Something the two diseases that claim the most lives each year worldwide – heart disease and stroke – have in common is that they primarily affect the blood vessels in the body. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at stroke. Read More
Cartoon viruses characters vector illustration organism biology. Isolated cartoon viruses characters on white background. Funny vector graphic infection cartoon viruses characters bacteria ugly.

On antibiotics and antibiotic resistance II

superbug strain of bacteria that has become resistant to antibiotic drugs vector

Antibiotics and antibiotic resistance can very quickly become abstract concepts, and it may seem strange that medications that I am getting might carry more significance then actually getting me better. What is the connection between my  common cold and future superbacteria? To clarify; It is the bacteria that develop resistance, not us as individuals. Resistance comes from Latin: “Resist” . So, just as we use antibiotics to fight off bacteria, the bacteria develop defense mechanisms against the antibiotics. Some bacteria can also exchange such “defense secrets” between themselves.


In order to limit the resistance to antibiotics doctors and nurses are taking samples from patients. The samples are being tested in a laboratory to see what antibiotic is the most efficient for that bacteria. You may have heard of the terms “narrow-spectrum” and “broad- spectrum antibiotics”. The broad-spectrum ones works in many different ways whereas the narrow-spectrum ones are more limited, thus the drug of choice when we want to mitigate antibiotic resistance. So if your doctor first takes a test of you and awaits the answer to it before you get antibiotics, that means the doctor does a good job, and she does if she gives you a narrow-range antibiotics. As a rule of thumb, you can distinguish between the narrow spectrum and broad spectrum antibiotics how many times to take them. Should you take one or two tablets to the day, it is broadly wide, while if you are going to take it three or four is the narrow spectrum.

Cartoon viruses characters vector illustration organism biology. Isolated cartoon viruses characters on white background. Funny vector graphic infection cartoon viruses characters bacteria ugly.

These posts about antibiotics and antibiotic resistance are simplified, but WMC hopes that these concepts has become clearer. There are bacteria everywhere, and if we can no longer treat infections caused by them, it will for example make most cases of surgery high risk. We need to work together to make sure that future generations also have treatment options for bacterial infections.