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Office-Related Health Problems 

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Current Status on The Development of Vaccines for COVID-19 

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Anti-Aging: Cutting-Edge Methods To Slow Down Aging 


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3 Great Ways To Protect Your Back From Injuries

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The Importance of Wearing Masks

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Water fasting benefits

Water fasting is one of the hottest diet trends that gained massive traction over the past few years. This way of dieting revolves around the restriction of all foods and drinks except for water (hence its nomenclature) for a specific period of time. Read More

The current status of COVID-19 – July 15th 2020

COVID is an acronym for ‘Corona Virus Disease’ that is caused by the virus named Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus-2 (SARS-COV-2). COVID-19 is an infectious respiratory illness that outbroke in Wuhan, China in December 2019 and then spread epidemically all over the world. Now every country globally is affected by it.1

COVID-19 patients initially present with a flu-like illness. Most of the cases present with fever and body aches. The early symptoms also include loss of taste and smell, fatigue, and muscle pain. As the disease becomes severe, patients develop pneumonia in their lungs and become short of breath eventually. Diarrhea and abdominal pain also commonly occur.2

As per latest records, more than 13 500 000 have been infected with this disease worldwide, and the active cases are greater than 5 000 000. The graph of the number of cases isn’t stopping and the number of cases are increasing day by day. 213 countries are affected by COVID, and the most affected country having the highest number of patients is the USA.

Regarding the number of deaths reported, the up-to-date number is greater than 580 000. The lucky patients that have been recovered from this disease are greater than 7 900 000. 3

You might be thinking why are the exact numbers not being mentioned. The reason is simple – the numbers are increasing day by day. We are not even sure about the extent of their increase.

This disease is quite an alarming one as it has infected the whole world. Scientists and biotechnologists are working hard day and night to find a specific treatment or invent a vaccine against this disease. Although no cure is currently available, yet there is a ray of hope that we will surely develop a vaccine against this disease, and when that day arrives, it would be added to the victorious events of human history. As for now, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


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