World Medical Card®


World-leading in

Global health security

Only 3.50 £/month

The World Medical Card® is a personal medical information card that can save your life.

By carrying the World Medical Card® your chances for fast and accurate medical treatment are dramatically improved.

Your medical condition and history are understood – anywhere in the world, around the clock.

Register your personal information now.

One day it could save your life.


Be understood

– in 19 different languages

 Your World Medical Card® profile is available in 19 languages, helping health personnel help you.

Store the card in your wallet to make it easy to find and it is easy to open when needed.

The card contains an emergency log-on password that
health personnel can use to find additional information about you on line.


Medical Terminology

Inside the card, any diagnoses and medications are listed using WHO’s standardized codes. This makes your medical situation immediately understood by doctors and medical personnel –worldwide.

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Multilingual Mobile Solution

Together with the card and your secure web profile, you also receive a multilingual mobile solution for your mobile phone, thereby avoiding misunderstandings in critical situations. This helps you receive fast and accurate treatment of your needs.

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