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Traveling safe and sound!

Blog of Dr. Lindner, Chief Medical Officer World Medical Card  6/2021- 7/2021

There is a light at the end of the pandemic tunnel and talking about waves is again associated to the ocean as people of the northern hemisphere are in the starting blocks for their summer holidays. So with regards to health issues – what should you think about before leaving?

A very important basic thing to do is to check the coverage of your health insurance in foreign countries and whether a transport back home is included.

Everyone is talking about corona, but your doctor should control the validity of all your basic vaccinations!
Depending on the region you are traveling to some special vaccinations may also be recommended.

If you are planning a trip to an exotic destination, a doctor specialized in travel medicine might be the right person to see. Special vaccinations might need some time, so make sure to start early enough. It is useful to store a scan of your vaccination pass on a digital medium or to carry an extra copy with you.

Hygiene is a basic factor to avoid illness. This is not granted in every country and therefore precautions must be taken in terms of personal hygiene or food and water preparations. It might be necessary to buy water disinfectant beforehand and read the instructions carefully.

The most common medical problems that occur while traveling are diarrhea/vomiting, wounds/skin infections (insect bites!), allergic reactions and -of course- sunburn!
Your medical kit should cover all these issues. Your doctor can help you with this (or check webpages recommended below).

Finally, if you take any medication on a regular basis make sure to carry enough of this with you to cover your time abroad or maybe even some more. You should be able to name your existing illnesses when asked for in the country you are visiting!

You can find some interesting information on these webpages:
General issues
Medical kit

Now, have a nice and relaxing holiday! You deserve it!


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