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Are you going on a trip soon?
Bring the World Medical Card with you on the trip.
As a physical card or app on the phone, you can always communicate with the pharmacy if there are medications you want to buy.
Show the employee your app, where it is translated into the language spoken in the country you are, what kind of medication you are looking for.

World Medical Card på reisen, World Medical Card, digital medisinsk journal, medisinsk app

For example, do you need a refill of allergy pills, but do not know what it is called in Turkish?
Then the World Medical Card app can help you.

World Medical Card på reisen, World Medical Card, digital medisinsk journal, medisinsk app, World Medical Card, digital medisinsk journal, medisinsk app

Do you have allergies such as gluten, peppers or shellfish that the kitchen at a restaurant should know about?
But you do not know what it is called in the country you are going to?
Load this into the World Medical Card and it will be translated into 19 languages.

World Medical Card, digital medisinsk journal, medisinsk app

Do you have a disease that can flare up while traveling?
Then you can load this important information into your page on World Medical Card. And if you need the assistance of medical personnel – then you can easily show them what the problem is, without knowing the language.

Order World Medical Card today and start loading the information you think is important to you. Then you are prepared for the day we can all travel again!

With World Medical Card on your trip, you’ve done a lot to make you safe!

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World Medical Card, digital medisinsk journal, medisinsk app

It is not over yet…

Blog of Dr. Lindner, Chief Medical Officer World Medical Card
2/ 2021- 3/2021

“Immunization against the Sars- CoV2 virus is making progress. However, this process is not as fast as we might wish- not even in the countries with sufficient economic power.

On top, there is and still will be a lot of uncertainty of new mutants of the virus in terms of easier spreading, severity of infection and effect of vaccination for some time. Consequently, we should recall individual precautions best proven as effective over and over again during the next weeks or months.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends:

(Excerpt from:, Date of access: Feb, 08th 2021)

  • Maintain at least a 1-metre distance between yourself and others
  • Make wearing a mask a normal part of being around other people. The appropriate use, storage and cleaning or disposal are essential to make masks as effective as possible.
  • Avoid the 3Cs: spaces that are closed, crowded or involve close contact
  • Meet people outside.
  • Regularly and thoroughly clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water.
    Cover your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze.

However, we expect a great variety of different status concerning Sars-CoV2/ Covid 19 in the population. More and more people will be vaccinated, others have gone through the infection and might have information about their amount of antibodies. This is obviously associated with a lot of medical information like e.g. date and product of vaccination(s) that needs to be easily accessible for health care personnel in order to be clear on this and ensure safe medical treatment. Moreover, it is foreseeable the availability of this information also becomes more and more important in daily social life.»

World Medical Card  is your personal medical profile controlled by you. It is always available via web, app or physical card.
It’s understood by Healthcare professionals all over the world.
By sharing your profile with relatives or travel companions, you help the ones closest to you to assist when required.
Register for your World Medical Card subscription and download the app now

World Medical Card, digital medisinsk journal, medisinsk app

ICD-10 codes and COVID-19

When you have your World Medical Card, the diagnoses you choose to put in to your card automatically codes to the WHO standard. The codes for COVID -19 have already been created in your World Medical Card so that you can keep track and document your COVID-19 tests if mandatory.

Read more in the Blog of Dr. Lindner, Chief Medical Officer World Medical Card, 11/12 2020:

«International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems – ICD.

Most likely, a great amount of us already has recognized some strange alphanumeric codes on a hospital report. In most cases they appear just before the name of the illness one was diagnosed to have.  However, most people never question what they are for and where they come from.

Historically, these numbers were set up to make international statistics of the illnesses on the basis of which people died! This goes back to the 19th century.

Today, the ICD- code is the most accepted international classification system of illnesses and symptoms in general. The World Health Organisation (WHO) is in charge to frequently update the system.

Currently, we are dealing with the 10th version, but ICD-11 is on its way and will become effective with the beginning of 2022. Although there are some local modifications in several countries, the essence of the alphanumerical code is equally used.

To give you an example: someone who was treated for lower back pain will find the “M54.5” on his report and if you are suffering from high blood pressure “I10.9” should be written on yours.

If you already suffered from COVID 19 disease the ICD code for this is U07.1”.
There might be some extending digits e.g. defining the side.

Next to using it for statistic evaluation of the prevalence of illnesses, ICD codes can also be used to regulate the financial side of the health system as for a certain ICD code there is a certain payment that every hospital gets.
Find out more «


With World Medical Card you do not need to worry about finding the right ICD-10 code. When you register your diagnosis the system is set up to identify and find the matching ICD-10 code. This secures you will be understood by medical personel all over the world.

The World Health Organizations ICD-10 codes for COVID-19 is already in, so you can easily register, keep track and document your COVID-19 test.
Register for your World Medical Card subscription and download the app now.


Gallensteine – die größten Steine sind oft am besten

Gallensteine können starke krampfartige Schmerzen im rechten Oberbauch verursachen und mit Übelkeit, Brechreiz und Erbrechen einhergehen.

Gallensteine bilden sich in der Gallenblase und bestehen aus Cholesterol und Gallensalzen. Wo sich Gallensteine festsetzen, hängt von ihrer Größe ab. Oft sind die größten Steine sozusagen am besten, da sie in der Gallenblase liegen bleiben und nicht in die Gallenblasenöffnung oder in die Gallengänge gelangen, diese verstopfen und dann symptomatisch werden. Gallensteine treten häufiger bei Frauen vor den Wechseljahren auf, im späteren Alter stehen sich Männer und Frauen hier ungefähr gleich.
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Die Teufelskreise von Schlaflosigkeit, Depressionen und chronischen Schmerzen

Schlaflosigkeit, chronische Schmerzen und Depressionen sind verbreitete Beschwerden, unter denen viele Menschen ein- oder mehrmals im Laufe ihres Lebens leiden. Im Folgenden möchte ich gerne erläutern, warum diese Krankheitsbilder die Tendenz haben, bei den gleichen Menschen aufzutreten und warum eine dieser Beschwerden ein gesteigertes Risiko für eine oder sogar beide der anderen Probleme mit sich führt. Schließlich werde ich auch erklären, warum man sich dieser Sachverhältnisse bewusst sein muss.    Read More

Impfungen – ein wahrer Erfolg

Impfungen werden als einer der größten Erfolge der modernen Medizin angesehen.

Mit Hilfe von einfachen Mitteln, kann einer Reihe von lebensgefährlichen und invalidisierenden Krankheiten vorgebeugt werden.
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Verschwindet der Spaß am Spiel, kehren Jugendliche dem organisierten Sport den Rücken

Kaum etwas ist Eltern wichtiger als dass deren Kinder ein langes und gesundes Leben haben. Aus diesem Grund ermutigen viele ihre Kinder an organisiertem Sport teilzunehmen.
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Bronchitis – akute Entzündung der Bronchien

Neben der klinischen Symptomatik ist es mit Hilfe von Blutuntersuchungen möglich, zwischen einer viralen oder bakteriell bedingten Erkrankung zu unterscheiden und die richtige Behandlungsmethode auszuwählen.

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Verletzungen des Bewegungsapparates

Die meisten von uns haben bereits erfahren dürfen, wie leicht man im Sprunggelenk umknicken kann oder wie schmerzhaft – auch noch nach Tagen – ein Schlag auf die Muskulatur sein kann („Pferdekuss“).
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Die Europ Assistance Versicherungs-AG kooperiert mit der World Medical Card

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Seit 15.11.2017 erhalten alle Kunden, die bei der Europ Assistance Versicherungs-AG eine Reiserücktrittsversicherung, Premium Reiseversicherung oder Auslandskrankenversicherung abschließen für ein Jahr kostenlosen Zugang zur World Medical Card Digital – bestehend aus einer Online-Notfalldatenbank und einer mehrsprachigen Smartphone App, in der man medizinische Informationen und Informationen zu Allergien erfassen und rund um die Uhr abrufen kann.Â