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Blog of Dr. Lindner, Chief Medical Officer World Medical Card
2/ 2021- 3/2021

“Immunization against the Sars- CoV2 virus is making progress. However, this process is not as fast as we might wish- not even in the countries with sufficient economic power.

On top, there is and still will be a lot of uncertainty of new mutants of the virus in terms of easier spreading, severity of infection and effect of vaccination for some time. Consequently, we should recall individual precautions best proven as effective over and over again during the next weeks or months.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends:

(Excerpt from:, Date of access: Feb, 08th 2021)

  • Maintain at least a 1-metre distance between yourself and others
  • Make wearing a mask a normal part of being around other people. The appropriate use, storage and cleaning or disposal are essential to make masks as effective as possible.
  • Avoid the 3Cs: spaces that are closed, crowded or involve close contact
  • Meet people outside.
  • Regularly and thoroughly clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water.
    Cover your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze.

However, we expect a great variety of different status concerning Sars-CoV2/ Covid 19 in the population. More and more people will be vaccinated, others have gone through the infection and might have information about their amount of antibodies. This is obviously associated with a lot of medical information like e.g. date and product of vaccination(s) that needs to be easily accessible for health care personnel in order to be clear on this and ensure safe medical treatment. Moreover, it is foreseeable the availability of this information also becomes more and more important in daily social life.»

World Medical Card  is your personal medical profile controlled by you. It is always available via web, app or physical card.
It’s understood by Healthcare professionals all over the world.
By sharing your profile with relatives or travel companions, you help the ones closest to you to assist when required.
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Thinking about Christmas…

Read the Blog of Dr. Lindner, Chief Medical Officer World Medical Card, 12/ 2020- 1/2021:

«Thinking about Christmas…
Christmas time and the ending of the year does not mean a calm and relaxing time for emergency departments and prehospital emergency services.
In contrast, a multitude of patients has to be treated on top as their family doctors are closed. People do not know where else to address to and are uncertain although their sense of self maybe tells 
them that it is only a minor health problem.

It is not uncommon that especially at this specific time of the year these health issues are the physical mirror of stress or overwhelming expectations but also the result of less movement and a vast quantity of food.

Taking into account the pandemic situation this may become even more obvious this year. Preexisting illnesses like e.g. stomach problems, high blood pressure, diabetes or headaches could worsen. Family doctors do know their patients´ medical history and social situation very well.

They could value and treat their complaints that sometimes can even mimic severe health problems much more effective than doctors in the emergency setting who meet these patients for the first time.

In order to avoid the onset of physical complaints at all and therefore reduce workload of emergency medicine around Christmas it could be helpful if family members share their thoughts, fears and level of stress and take regular walks outside as well!»

World Medical Card  is your personal medical profile controlled by you.
It is always available via web, app or physical card.
It’s understood by Healthcare professionals all over the world.
By sharing your profile with relatives or travel companions, you help the ones closest to you to assist when required.

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ICD-10 codes and COVID-19

When you have your World Medical Card, the diagnoses you choose to put in to your card automatically codes to the WHO standard. The codes for COVID -19 have already been created in your World Medical Card so that you can keep track and document your COVID-19 tests if mandatory.

Read more in the Blog of Dr. Lindner, Chief Medical Officer World Medical Card, 11/12 2020:

«International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems – ICD.

Most likely, a great amount of us already has recognized some strange alphanumeric codes on a hospital report. In most cases they appear just before the name of the illness one was diagnosed to have.  However, most people never question what they are for and where they come from.

Historically, these numbers were set up to make international statistics of the illnesses on the basis of which people died! This goes back to the 19th century.

Today, the ICD- code is the most accepted international classification system of illnesses and symptoms in general. The World Health Organisation (WHO) is in charge to frequently update the system.

Currently, we are dealing with the 10th version, but ICD-11 is on its way and will become effective with the beginning of 2022. Although there are some local modifications in several countries, the essence of the alphanumerical code is equally used.

To give you an example: someone who was treated for lower back pain will find the “M54.5” on his report and if you are suffering from high blood pressure “I10.9” should be written on yours.

If you already suffered from COVID 19 disease the ICD code for this is U07.1”.
There might be some extending digits e.g. defining the side.

Next to using it for statistic evaluation of the prevalence of illnesses, ICD codes can also be used to regulate the financial side of the health system as for a certain ICD code there is a certain payment that every hospital gets.
Find out more «


With World Medical Card you do not need to worry about finding the right ICD-10 code. When you register your diagnosis the system is set up to identify and find the matching ICD-10 code. This secures you will be understood by medical personel all over the world.

The World Health Organizations ICD-10 codes for COVID-19 is already in, so you can easily register, keep track and document your COVID-19 test.
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Challenges with Alzheimer’s and my mother’s everyday life

I want to write a little story about the challenges with Alzheimer’s and my mother’s everyday life that we faced for a long period of her life, before she became so ill that she came under municipal care.

I am one of those who have experienced that my mother just disappeared further and further into herself, and what difficulties it represented when I, as the main relative, would try to help her in her everyday life.

My mother was diagnosed in 2013, but she managed so well that she could live in her cozy apartment, which became her little paradise.

But unfortunately the memory disappeared more and more as time went on, and I was trying to help her as best as I could, both with medication, doctor visits, glasses / lenses and everything else.

What I experienced was that despite authorizations, it became very difficult to have insight in, for example, which medicines she should take and when she should take them.

Time and time again she stood at the pharmacy to get her medication from her prescriptions, but did not know which ones she should get. And the pharmacist only saw a long list of medicines on the prescription, so they could not help her.
I was added to the official heath site in Norway as a relative, and tried to find out something there, but it was almost impossible to orientate myself in this professional language area.

The same regarding her vision. She started putting away glasses in various places, but I did not know her visual acuity, so it was difficult to buy new ones. She did not remember the strength herself.
Eventually she got in to the municipal healthcare service for elderly suffering from dementia. I really appreciate what they have done so far and their patience. But I experience again that she receives medication without me being informed.
And it would have been so easy to have one place to keep record of this, so I have a simple overview.


Now I’m in some of the same situation with my brother.
He is not suffering from demetia, but has other challenges, which means I have to be available to help him.

BUT – A BIG DIFFERENCE – I helped him download the World Medical Card app.
In addition, I have helped him enter the medications with a note when the various are to be taken.
We have entered diagnoses, that I am the head-relative – with phone number, visual acuity and all other important information.
He has shared the app with me, so now I can easily look it up for him if he is stuck at the pharmacy, or if he is traveling and running out of medicine.
We have also loaded the travel insurance certificate, so I can make sure that he gets quick help if something should happen.
Visual acuity for each of the eyes is also there, in case he forgets it.

I often think about how much the World Medical Card app could have helped my mother and me in such a difficult situation, with all the other challenges that also arise in the wake of this disease.
And I know at least that I will ease these challenges for my children by having the app shared and available to my loved ones.

Greetings Line

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En helt almindelig hverdag med en desværre ikke så ualmindelig sygdom

Som mange andre i Norge er Helge Blikberg en aktiv person, som er afhængig af medikamenter for at kunne opretholde en aktiv hverdag. Med et større antal medikamenter er man imidlertid også nødt til at huske på navne på og virkestoffer i disse, så man, i tilfælde af at man kommer til at mangle, eller der opstår en nødsituation, kan oplyse, hvad man skal bruge, hvilket kan skabe problemer rundt om i verden. Read More


Thor Hushovd

"Sammen med min familie har jeg valgt at anskaffe et World Medical Card.World Medical Card er et godt sikkerhedskoncept, der virkelig kan gøre en forskel for dem, der rejser meget.
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Sandsynligvis det vigtigste kort jeg har

Kirsten Øverby, LHL medlem

– World Medical Card bruger siden 2010

«Jeg har kols og er derfor afhængig av daglige mediciner, men det hindrer mig ikke i at være aktiv og at rejse! Foråret 2012 var jeg på pilgrimstur til Santiago de Compostela i Spanien. Der var planlagt 8 dages etaper til fods. Efter den første dags gåtur på ujævne og bumpede bjergstier, måtte jeg opsøge læge på grund af akut senebetændelse i en fod. Den spanske læge blev imponeret da jeg tog mit World Medical Card frem, så han kunne se hvilken slags mediciner jeg går på. Han loggede sig nemt ind på min sundhedsprofil og dobbelt tjekkede informationen. På den måde fik jeg hurtigt rigtig antibiotika, som kunne virke sammen med mine andre mediciner. Det var en stor lettelse for mig. Det er vigtigt have World Medical Card med sig for at vise brug av medikamenter når man er i udlandet, og jeg anbefaler alle LHL medlemmer at anskaffe sig kortet!»

Som supplement til kortet, som opbevares i pungen, får du adgang til din egen sundhedsprofil på nettet og mobil –hele døgnet. Med mobilen kan du nemt oversætte din information til 19 sprog.

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Øger tryghedsfølelsen på rejse

Ole Petter Drønen, lege

«I løbet af mine vel 10 år som læge på solfyldte Gran Canaria mødte jeg mange ældre patienter som var langt væk hjemmefra. De følte sig generelt usikre vedr. sin egen medicinske historie og havde sjældent vigtig medicinsk information med sig. Lav grad af information gør at det tager tid at iværksætte sikker og rigtig behandling, noget som igen gør patienten mere bekymret og gør at behandlingsomkostningerne stiger. Derfor er mit råd at have ny og præcis information om sit helbred med sig til enhver tid. World Medical Card samler den type information og øger dermed din tryghed for behandling når du er på rejse.»

Kortet oppbevarer du i lommeboken. I tillegg får du tilgang til din egen helseprofil på nettet og mobil – hele døgnet. Med mobilen kan du enkelt oversette informasjon din til 19 språk.

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