Thinking about Christmas…

Read the Blog of Dr. Lindner, Chief Medical Officer World Medical Card, 12/ 2020- 1/2021:

«Thinking about Christmas…
Christmas time and the ending of the year does not mean a calm and relaxing time for emergency departments and prehospital emergency services.
In contrast, a multitude of patients has to be treated on top as their family doctors are closed. People do not know where else to address to and are uncertain although their sense of self maybe tells 
them that it is only a minor health problem.

It is not uncommon that especially at this specific time of the year these health issues are the physical mirror of stress or overwhelming expectations but also the result of less movement and a vast quantity of food.

Taking into account the pandemic situation this may become even more obvious this year. Preexisting illnesses like e.g. stomach problems, high blood pressure, diabetes or headaches could worsen. Family doctors do know their patients´ medical history and social situation very well.

They could value and treat their complaints that sometimes can even mimic severe health problems much more effective than doctors in the emergency setting who meet these patients for the first time.

In order to avoid the onset of physical complaints at all and therefore reduce workload of emergency medicine around Christmas it could be helpful if family members share their thoughts, fears and level of stress and take regular walks outside as well!»

World Medical Card  is your personal medical profile controlled by you.
It is always available via web, app or physical card.
It’s understood by Healthcare professionals all over the world.
By sharing your profile with relatives or travel companions, you help the ones closest to you to assist when required.

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Here are 9 reasons our members list as the key rationale for why a World Medical Card subscription
makes them feel safer and better prepared for unpredicted challenges in their everyday life.
Read through and see which ones that match with you and your family’s needs to obtains a safer day.

With the World Medical Card, you always have your medical information with you at all hours of the
day. You can choose to have this either on the app on the phone or as a physical card.

GODE GRUNNER TIL Å BESTILLE WORLD MEDICAL CARD, world medical card, digital medisinsk journal

You choose what information you want to upload.
Here you can enter:
Diagnosis you have or precautions that should be taken as consequence of the diagnosis
Medications you use
Allergies you have
Specification for glasses and lenses
Health challenges that are not registered with your doctor – such as sore shoulder, neck problems or
Surgeries and comments on post-surgery challenges you have experienced
Other ailments, medications, or important information

You choose who you want to share the app and information with.
It provides security and removes anxiety as you can share your medical profile with your closest family
and relatives.
If you are traveling, you can choose to share with your travel companion temporarily, so that they can
help you if a medical challenge should arise.

GODE GRUNNER TIL Å BESTILLE WORLD MEDICAL CARD, world medical card, digital medisinsk journal


The World Medical Card allows you to help your parents or others in the family who lose track of their
medications. If they have shared their medical profile with you, you can easily go in and explain to the
pharmacy, doctor, or others both at home and abroad, the needs of those that have trusted you to
If dementia should occur in the immediate family, the World Medical Card is providing an easy and safe
way to be a helper.

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The medical information you upload is coded according to WHO standards, so that you are understood
by healthcare professionals – anywhere in the world, 24/7.
If you run out of medicine, and do not know what it is called in the country you are in, you can show the
app, and you will get the right medicine.
In addition, diagnosis, medicines, and allergies are translated into 19 languages.

GODE GRUNNER TIL Å BESTILLE WORLD MEDICAL CARD, world medical card, digital medisinsk journal

You can enter information about relatives, your General Practitioner, or others that health professionals
can contact if a situation arises.

Here you can enter a picture of your donor card, so that you have all the information gathered in one

Also, in the My File function it is easy to include a photo and information about your travel insurance,
your passport, and other relevant information. Everything you need is easily accessible.

9. WORLD MEDICAL CARD – It is simply clever and makes you prepared for the unexpected
Smart – Easy – Safe – Secure

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Access critical medical information of the athletes

For the Team Management, team leaders, tour guides and supporting parents, it is crucial to be able to access critical medical information of the athletes if something should happen.

world medical card, digital medisinsk journal

It is the Team Management that most often must provide first-line assistance or contact health personnel if a situation arises. Knowing whether an athlete is healthy, on medication or has allergies reduces the time until proper treatment is given.

kritisk medisinsk informasjon for støtteapparatene i idretten, world medical card, digital medisinsk journal

One step ahead – The things you do not see are the ones that can determine the outcome

Prepare, prevent, plan for the unexpected, be confident that you are ready to face challenges. In Professional sports you prepare to win, in non-professional sports you prepare to become the best version of yourself. The Team Management is there to facilitate the development of the team and the individual. It provides safety and security. It is there in good times and an in bad times. It builds for the future and develops clubs to accommodate future generations of athletes. Sport creates commitment, emotion and belonging. It is all the invisible hours of effort that are put in, which makes the sport and its values so strong.

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Being one step ahead – is crucial if a critical situation should arise. Having made the right preparations, prevented, planned for the unexpected and be confident that one can communicate with health professionals around the world – is essential to the outcome.

World Medical Card has chosen to get involved in sports to raise awareness of the importance of being one step ahead. To reduce the risk of incorrect treatment and incorrect medication, we as individuals also have a responsibility. By having our medical record updated and available, we make the job of a healthcare professional easier. Proper treatment can be given quickly, safely, and securely. It limits the extent of damage, reduces time for convalescence and ultimately saves lives.

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kritisk medisinsk informasjon for støtteapparatene i idretten, world medical card, digital medisinsk journal

Our task is to reduce the risk of incorrect medication, incorrect treatment, and unnecessary loss of lives.

We will contribute to increased safety in everyday life by making it easy to share critical medical information.

It is the joy of practicing your favorite sports that should be in focus. An updated medical record through the World Medical Card is one of the things you do not see, which can be decisive for the outcome if a critical situation arises.

We are proud to have entered partnerships with IL Sandviken fotball and Frisk Asker hockey.

Frisk Sandviken


Do you think we should do something together with your club?

Are you or do you know someone who is passionate about your club and wants to contribute to increased safety in everyday life for your athletes?

Send us an e-mail with headline “Sports” to

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