We, WMC Technologies AS, will consistently deliver and improve our solution for handling critical medical information, provide safety and secure the correct treatment in time critical medical situations for our customers, complying always with GDPR.


Complying to our Quality Policy will result in securing efficiency, a strong customer focus and enhancement of long-term sustainability and profitability within the organisation. In order to achieve this, we are continually improving processes, products and services, meeting and exceeding customer satisfaction at all times. The implementation of the quality policy is the responsibility of all staff members, with overall responsibility residing with the Top management. It is compulsory that all staff recognise and accept our philosophy of quality service delivery, accepting accountability for their own output.


  • Fully identify and conform to the needs of our customers, improving customer satisfaction.
  • Monitor and review our service provision and processes, identifying potential errors and implementing the necessary actions to eliminate them.
  • Through direction and support, each employee will have a proper understanding of the importance of the quality management system, their responsibility in contributing to its effectiveness and its direct relevance to the success of the organisation.
  • Equally every employee is responsible for and will be trained to perform the duties required by their specific role within the organisation.
  • Forge partnerships with our suppliers and partners to ensure optimum business performance. We also ensure that our suppliers and partners that may be used in the delivery of our services also comply with our quality philosophy and company policies.
  • Achieve and maintain a standard of excellence in the operation of our business.
  • Maintain our reputation for honesty and integrity and ensure that this is reflected throughout the organisation.
  • Provide sufficient resources to ensure that we can operate the documented management system. The management system is based on the principles of ISO9001:2015, the International Standard for Quality Management Systems.
  • The management team will show leadership and commitment and bear the responsibility for establishing, implementing, integrating and maintaining the quality management system to satisfy the requirements of the international standard.
  • Our Quality Policy will be continually monitored and reviewed to ensure that it remains relevant and effective to the changing needs of our customers.
  • Continuous appraisal of our business to ensure that the quality of service we provide, fully and consistently meets our customers’ expectations and all current and impending legislative requirements.
  • The effectiveness of our quality system is monitored by planned audits and management reviews to ensure quality service delivery.


This Quality Policy statement will be reviewed annually. Responsibility for compliance to this policy rests with the top management, who will monitor the effectiveness of the policy and its associated initiatives.


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