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Everybody needs an Emergency Medical Card

The World Medical Card is a medical emergency card supported by a multilingual mobile application and a web profile.


You can make sure you will receive the right treatment quickly in an emergency - home or away.

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Access all your data. From the profile you can add and update your information.

Lets you manage all your important information in one place: Passport, drivers licence, x-rays, prescriptions etc.

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Medical and personal information on your mobile phone.

Ensures safe communication by translating to 18 languages.

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Information is stored according to international standards to ensure communication across languages around the world.

Ensures immediate access to accurate information - anywhere and anytime.

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Security and Privacy


World Medical Card uses codes and terminology developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) when processing and communicating medical data.


All communication - to your PC or to your mobile phone - is protected by strong encryption to make sure that the data is safe at any time in the process.


This site complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information:
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World Medical Card is a registered trademark of World Medical Center Holding S.A.

The technology that is used by World Medical Card onWeb/onCard/onMobile is protected by patents.